Monday, October 25, 2010

How well can a movie fuckup your mind?

I just watch this weird movie which had that actor from TV series Heroes in it. It is so effing weird that the background music were all some sort of malfunctioning, distorting the movie. The choreographing also was weird.

Its about how well you can cope up with your surroundings. How well you can stand when your friend fucking messing with your life. Steal your job, flirt with your spouse etcetera etcetera. It’s about coping, and it about realizing your tolerance with this shit.

By right, you should know that people around you messing with you right? But some of us choose to just keep the thing quite, follow everything and just, you know, follow. Did we realize when we follow too much? Why we follow and just following?

Bleargh. It’s a fuck up world ait?
Just nod.



GaDis CoMeL said...

boleh komen ka tak ni. server asek unavailable je nih.

shit betui la.

GaDis CoMeL said...

eh, dah boleh komen. hehe.

hi macha. hawauyu?

fndrocka said...

Dei..kasi tau lah movie apa

Anonymous said...

sometimes i'd just go with the flow, when i feel like swimming. most of the time, i fucked up those who try to fuck me up. XD

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